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Orders over $50 are Delivered FREE!


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FARM FRESH’s mission is to save you time and money by delivering the freshest, highest quality, and most nutritious foods available to your home.

FARM FRESH is an online shopping site where you select the highest quality produce, meat, and seafood. Whenever possible we purchase organic products from local farms and producers. We shop on a daily basis, like our grandmothers used to do, to assure you that everything is fresh, nutritious and flavorful. We only go to the best sources for the products we sell to our customers. Our meats come from John Dewar & Co. Inc. and our seafood comes from Captain Marden’s Seafoods.

At FARM FRESH, there are no pre-boxed, limited variety, dropdown menus. You choose what you want, and we deliver it to you for free if the amount of your order exceeds $50. You get the best available for your family, while avoiding the Saturday morning 3 to 4 hour multiple stop ordeal that would be required to duplicate what FARM FRESH does for you for free. Best of all, our prices are competitive with local supermarkets, and in many cases is even less than supermarket prices. Place your order online before 2:00 pm, and it will be safely delivered to your home by 6:00 pm the next day. Shopping at FARM FRESH is always quick, efficient, and reasonable, no matter how you look at it! Why would you shop anywhere else?